What is the Acai Berry?

The fruit itself has been growing naturally for thousands of years indiginously within the amazon basin, but only recently has it become known to the rest of the world. This berry grows on palm - like trees and is found in large berry heavy clumps that are then harvested by hand by local custodians.

These trees grow to the height of over 25 metres, with a thin trunk with the bulk of folliage manifesting at the top of the tree.The branches are similiar to palm like fronds, and are long and ribbon - like in nature.

Each tree has a yield of approximately 20kg of fruit every year, and much of the time the fruit is still harvested by locals who scale the tree with nothing more than a sharp knife and bare feet.

This berry has such a high level of bioactivity that from the time of harvesting, there is only a window of 24 hours for processing to occur. So within this period, the fruit must be picked, transported, and processed - quite a challenge really! 

How Will I Benefit From Consuming this Berry?

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Traditional Harvesting of this Berry is still used to this day...In an age of monoculture and mass food production, virtually all of us are deficient in some area of our diet. In the 1950's, it was well known that the food taken from our soils contained less than 10% of the vitamins and minerals that they should have! Read more...

 With this being said, it becomes evident that for us to stay healthy and maintain a high level of wellbeing - we need to supplement with superfoods.

By supplementing your diet with such nutritionally potent Berry products, you can be assured that you will be doing the best possible thing for your body. Without adequate nutrition, we become susceptable to many of the modern health issues that afflict us as a culture today. 

Nutitional Deficencies - Fill the Void with Potent Nutrition

Below aptly illustrates just how important a broad cross section of nutritional supplementing is for us. Being deficient can bring about any number of health issues. 

Smoothies are an Excellent way to consume this fruit...


 Vitamin A Deficiency - A deficiency of this vitamin can cause skin rashes & night vision.

Vitamin B Deficiency - The most common is vitamin B12 deficiency, & can lead to a loss of memory, moodiness, confusion and a loss of coordination.

Vitamin C Deficiency - It is commonly understood that much of the population is already in a pre - scurvy condition. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins not to go without!

Trace Element Deficiency - Much of the world's soils are now devoid of trace elements. These are vital for the proper functioning of our central nervous system, a balanced hormonal system, and the working of our endocrine system. Acai Berry is trace element dense! 

Our complete range of organic freeze dried Acai Berry supplements may be just what you need to fill the nutritional void - begin the journey today to better health & wellbeing...