What is ORAC - Why is it Important?

Acai has the Highest ORAC Rating of Any Fruit
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In order to understand the importance of ORAC and how this impacts upon our lives - we need to look more closely at the process of oxidation.
Each and every day, we produce free radicals
as a by - product of metabolism. As a rule, if
we have consumed an adequate supply of anti
oxidants, then we cancel out much of the resultant stress.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. With our soils being depleted of
nutrients, and with the ever increasing carcinogenic load we are
exposed to via environmental challenges - oxidative stress is out of

Studies have shown that aging is directly related to the amount of
free radicals we produce - the greater the amount, the more quickly
we age. On average, we incur approximately 10,000 free radical hits to
our DNA each day. Each bit of oxidative stress damages our DNA just
a little - the result being visible signs of aging. 

 What Is ORAC, & How Can Acai Help?

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Acai Berry has the Highest Level Of Antioxidants

 among Any Fruit in Existance...

Acai Berry is the ideal food supplement to assist us
in maintaining health and wellbeing. No other fruit in
existance has the ability to soak up free radicals,
this is called ORAC -
 Oxygen Radical Absorbance

Many of our daily activities create free radicals
within the body. The actions of bodily metabolism,
exercise, smoking, and even sleeping create free -
 The greater the amount of free radicals -
the more quickly we will age...

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Below is a visual Demonstration of the Potency of Acai Berry 

 The ORAC Levels of Various Fruits...

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